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EME SSB Fun Contest Rules


These events are intended to be fun. You do not need to transmit on SSB to participate. CW to SSB and vice verse exchanges are encouraged and count for points. (Only one QSO between stations is allowed, i.e., you cannot work a station SSB to SSB and SSB to CW for extra points).

The 70 cm contest is from 0000 Saturday 16 Jan to 2359 16 Jan.

The 23 cm contest is from 0000 Sunday 17 Jan to 2359 17 Jan.

These are two separate contests. Everyone one should have one Moon pass. Scoring is contact points x number of two letter Grid Sectors (IO, JM, FN, EM …) worked. SSB to SSB contacts count as 2 points. SSB to CW (or CW to SSB) count as 1 point. The exchange is your Sector (IO, JM, etc.). Only the 2 sector letters need to be sent and copied by EME. The exchange of signal reports and/or 4 character grids is optional and not required.

Operation may be by single or multiple operators from one location. No distinction for scoring will be made. Assisted operation is not encouraged. All skeds/operational announcements should be made prior to the start of the contest. Logs should be sent to the 432 and Up EME NL by email to alkatz@tcnj.edu ASAP after the end of the contests. (All logs for contest awards should have been received within the month following the contest). The top scoring station on each band will receive an attractively framed certificate that will be presented at the next International EME Conference (Venice 2016)

(From 432 AND ABOVE EME NEWS DECEMBER 2015 VOL 43 #12)