Hello everybody,

I will be QRV coming weekend and put 5N0EME back on air on 23cm and 2m. My 2m amplifier is fixed and I hope it will work fine all weekend long. Here my schedule:



Friday, 24July:

1700z... 1900z, 1296.090MHz, JT65C first, RX on own echo frequency

I am calling only in JT65 but if I hear someone in CW, I will answer in CW. Skeds are welcome.

I will be in the HB9Q logger while QRV.


Saturday, 25July:

1400z... 1900z, 144.100MHz, JT65B first

I will QSY from time to time about +/-10kHz. So, dont worry if you have a bird on my frequency. Please accept that I will not QSY after each QSO.

I will be at the N0UK logger while QRV.


Sunday, 26July:

1300z... 2000z, 144.100MHz, JT65B first

I will QSY from time to time about +/-10kHz. So, dont worry if you have a bird on my frequency. Please accept that I will not QSY after each QSO.

I will be at the N0UK logger while QRV.


Please check my website www.dl3och.de for more information about the 5N0EME equipment.

Vy 73 de Bodo, 5N0OCH



Hi all,

I have got quite some requests regarding my EME activities. Sorry that I have not been QRV again with 5N0EME and didn't do any updates. I was just to busy with work, wanted to satisfy other bands and modes as well (like RTTY and 160m) and the conditions have not been that good as well. However, I just looked at my moon calendar and calculated the next times for possible activities with 5N0EME. Here my schedule: 

*** April 25 and 26 ***

Sun very close to the moon, no EME.

*** April 30, Thursday ***

1700-2000z, 1296.090MHz, JT65C, TX first (will be happy to answer calls in CW as well)

*** May 1, Friday ***

1800-2200z, 144.105MHz, JT65B, TX first

*** May 2, Saturday ***

1300-1600z, 144.095MHz, JT65B, TX first (for EU and JA)

1600-2200z, 144.105MHz, JT65B, TX first (for EU and NA)

Especially on 2m, I will change my frequency a couple times. So, if you have a bird on my frequency, I kindly ask you to let me know in the logger and wait a bit until I move to another frequency. If all goes well, I will have internet while operating. Last time that worked pretty good and I could  follow the requests regarding frequency change. Please understand that I do not want to change frequency after each QSO. This would make it to difficult for others to find me. I will be always within the range of .090-.110. I worked several 2-yagi stations as you can see in the log. Please keep calling as long as you want. Last time, I sometimes called stations but didn't get a reply. If I call you three times but don't get a RO from you, I will call the next station and maybe call you later again. Please stop calling me if you do not RX me. It just takes to much time to call stations that don't RX me. Even  so I did three QSOs on 70cm, I will be on 70cm only for a sked and if there are very good condx (beginning May?). My RX on 70cm seems to be really very bad. I can only work the very biggest QRO stations. I will not try CW with anybody else than DL9KR, as I think it would be only waste of time (I received HB9Q with -26 in JT65)... you all might know what that means. Therefore, sked requests for a JT65 QSO on 70cm is welcome if you think you have sufficient power but please no CW. On 23cm I can easily do both, JT65 and CW. I wish you all happy Easter and good luck in chasing 5N0EME as well as other ongoing DXpeditions :-)

All QSL cards for 5N0EME via DL3OCH (qrz.com or bureau).

Vy 73 de Bodo, 5N0OCH



Bodo v shacku - 1,5kW PA od I0JXX pro 144 MHz

432 MHz single Yagi

144 MHz

1296 MHz 2,4m dish

144 MHz single Yagi



I just finished my first activity as 5N0EME last weekend. I was QRV on 2m and accomplished 110 QSOs in JT65. If you are not sure if you are in the log, you may look at www.mmmonvhf.de where my log is published. Further activities are planned. Next weekend I will be on 70cm and 23cm. My focus is on 23cm since I didn't bring much for 70cm. 

My equipment at 5N0EME in JJ38QX is: 

2m: 10element Yagi, IC706mkIIg, 400W, preamp MHP145 

70cm: 21element Yagi, IC706mkIIg, 100W, no preamp 

23cm: 2.4m dish with patch feed (same like at BY4RSA), transvertor (by DJ9YW) with about 90W out, no preamp I hope to work many stations on 23cm.

I will be calling in JT65C (1st) on 1296.090MHz. If I hear anybody in CW calling, I will reply in CW. I might see you in the spectrum before I can hear you. If I cannot hear you, I will just continue in JT65C and you may have to ask for CW. I will always listen on my own echo frequency (in CW and JT65). Unfortunately I will have to move my dish manually to the moon. It also is quite hot here in 5N so I will not be able to operate all weekend long and call CQ for hours. I will be QRV only for maybe two or three hours on Saturday and another two or three hours on Sunday. Further activities will of course follow as I stay in Nigeria until end of July. I will watch the logger at HB9Q during operating.

Vy 73 de  Bodo, 5N0OCH, 5N0EME