DUBUS EME 3,4 GHz 2010


Hello Friends,

I was little surprised about the upcoming activity and had to ask G3LTF, who told me that it is DUBUS/REF contest. So I had to shift some other activities quickly and luckily we also got rid of the snow, which lasted very, very unusually nearly 3 month this winter, on Wednesday. Will be QRV as much as possible, 4.5m dish, chaparral septum feed, 50w and an awful 1dB or even worse preamp. CUL!

73, GŁnter DL4MEA

Hello Folks

I hope to be QRV on 9cms from about 15:00z - 20:00 on 20th and from about 12:30 - 21:00 on 21st. 

73 Brian G4NNS

Hi all,

if WX permit I am expecting to be QRV 10m dish, 40W, septum and G4DDK LNA. http://www.ok1dfc.com/EME/3400/3-4ghz.htm

73 Zdenek OK1DFC

Hi all,  

WW2R will be qrv on 9cm this weekend as follows  Mar 20 0000 to 0330 and 1630 to 0000 Mar 21 0000 to 0330 and 1720 to 0000  My setup is a 3.1m dish,  WD5AGO feed, 100W PA  and a Demi 0.55db nf preamp.  Now I have the Elecraft k3 with sub rx and internal 2m xverter as the IF  I will be able to keep track of g4rfr up the band, whom I missed last a/w  

Dave  WW2R


Apologies....Correction to my previous email. I will be QRV all of Saturday but will have to QRT around 1500 on Sunday. Looks like there will be lots happening on 9cm!

73 Peter G3LTF

Hello all,

Myself and HB9DRI will install a 9cm EME station at HB9Q this Friday. If all works there as it works here, we should be ready for the contest. This will be the very first activity from HB9 ever. The special license will expire in June. Hopefully I get another one for another year, so 9cm activity will continue from Switzerland. Freq. will be 3400.100 +/- 10khz (restricted) Callsign is HB9JAW Equipment is HB9Q dish with a square septum feed with flare ( Performance off Dish at this frequency unknown) DB6NT transvertor and 100W SSPA Preamp DJ9BV 2 stage. Hope to hear lots off you again

73 de Michel HB9JAW

G4RFR (IO90AS) hope to be QRV from 1100Hrs on the 20th March, using their 3.4m dish with 90W at feed. As before they  may need to operate near to 3400.450MHz due to localized QRM from cell towers . Its a Science and Engineering Open Day event for the club  and they hope to demo Solar /Moon /Earth noise to public attendees. Any EME activity will be a very welcome bonus! They have improved their system  from the first attempt last year and plan to arrange more EME events this year . John G0API is the organizer and can be contacted on jfell@tesco.net
73 Peter G3LTF

Hello All
Wanted to echo (hihi) Paul's activity this coming weekend on 9cm but will only be QRV on the 21st after 1730 Z.
Station: 3.15m (0.38 f/D, new), HB 5 step Round Septum w/large 3 ring choke. HB LNA 0.5 dB n/f, Power at feed 40W
Checked station results yesterday: 13,2 dB sun and 0.5 dB moon noise SFU was 85, echoes were about 1 dB

Tommy WD5AGO


Plan to be QRV on 9cm in the contest. 5m dish 40watts.

vy 73 de OZ6OL Hans.

Hi all,

I plan to be QRV on 3400,100 + - MHz on 20th March from 07,00 to 22,00 UT and 21st March from 07,30 to 12,00 UT. I have 10m dish and 40W at the feed. Good luck to all.

73 Franta OK1CA

I will be QRV weather permitting, for the the contest weekend. Station here is 5.5 m dish with about 40w at the feed. I hope to work many stations, and good luck to all.
73's Grant VE6TA DO33gs