Hi all,

several stations were asking about KP4AO's log. As I have about 95% of all what KP4AO TXed, I listened my audio records and made the QSO list what I heard. All mp3 files are in two kinds, files with "Q" in the name are in the highest bitrate (256kbps) and second without "Q" in lower bitrate (64kpbs). The full lenght of all files is 3h 37min 24s.  

Files from Friday 19th March 2010:

http://ok1teh.nagano.cz/mp3/kp4ao_19march2010/ 1st file 32:00 min long CW: OK1KIR, G3LTF, K2UYH, OK1TEH, DG1KJG, OK2POI NC?, K2UYH, SP7DCS, ES5PC, F6FHP, CW: OZ6OL then SSB: unknown, UA3PTW, DL7APV, DG1KJG, 9H1TX, F6FHP, OK1VPZ, G4RGK, OK2KKW, OK2POE, OH1GB (got wrong call should be 9H1GB), ?9A unknown QSO in spanish, 9H1GB, G2CX?. SSB: HE9G?, GM4CXM, then back in CW: G6EFX, DF9QX  


Files from Monday 22nd March 2010:

http://ok1teh.nagano.cz/mp3/kp4ao_22march2010/ CW: DL9KR 599, SM2CEJ 599 (should be SM2CEW), WA3CHG 599, I1NDP 599, SM7GVF 599, LX1DBL no report? (should be LX1DB), WA4NJP 599, W3XS 599, ?QRM, UA4AQL 599, DF3RU 599, WA6PY 599, SM4IVE 599 2nd file 32:00 min long CW DL5FN 599, OZ4MM 599, K3MF 599, SM7GVF 599, W7AMI 599, WA7AMI 599, IK6ESW 599 (SHOULD BE IK6EIW), NC1I 599, UX5UL 599, then QSY SSB: SP6JLW 59?, DL7APV ?, LX1DB 59/59+20, SM4IVE 59, 3rd file 31:51 min long SSB: new OP, ?QRM 59, W5Y? 59, OE6TA? 59, DC1DO ?, DM3ASU ?, S51ZO 59, LX1DB 59, SJ16KDN? 59, SM4IVE 59+, OK1DFC 59/59+20, LU7DZ 59, LZ1DX 59, S53RM 59, KP4AO start listening 5-10kHz UP, W7AMI 59, SM2A 59, G4DHF 59, G3LTF 59, 7W?4TM 59, 9A2SB 59, WW2R 59, UT6UG 59, WD5AGO 59NC?, W8TXT 599, 4th file 31:39 min long SSB: SM3UZS 59, F6FHP 59, UT6UG 59, ?W8PQX from California 59, K3MF 59, N2GHR 59, OK1TEH 55/56 last SSB QSO with op Angel WP4G, then at 23:00utc CQ KP4A0 FK68 in JT65 -4dB, last signal from KP4AO at 2302utc CQ KP4A0 FK68 -4dB. Some more records made on 6el yagi at OK2POI -> http://ok2poi.blogspot.com btw I made all the records on 23el dk7zb 5,7m boom yagi, more about my station at http://ok1teh.nagano.cz


Matej, OK1TEH