after a long time of busy and extremely difficult preparation (we started just after the MI-activation) we finally got the permission for another portable moonbounce operation last week. The event will take place from Thursday, 13.05.2010 until Sunday, 23.05.2010 (ending with the 23cm DUBUS contest).

Actually, Monica & myself were persueing official licenses at 4 different destinations. As we now have license documents in our hands for two of these ‘most wanted’ locations, we have decided to give preference to one destination and leave the second one for a later point in time.


The callsign used will be of the pattern XX/DL1YMK and like we did for the OH0-activation, we will run the full risk of a truely random operation – we will not disclose the destination in beforehand nor run schedules. It will be a kind of, let’s say,  ‘unusual’ callsign type, so listen thoroughly and trust your ears.... (when we got the callsign we checked it first with an official IARU DXCC -list....)


For your planning here the preliminary band plan: we will start on Thursday,13.05. with 23cm, followed by 70 cm on Friday, 14.05. On Saturday, 15.05. we will change to 13 cm and will be back on 23cm on the following Sunday. The week after we will plan in the usual flexible way according to your needs. Of course, we  will be ready to make skeds after the first weekend for weaker stations, which did not manage to get through or for those, who could not make it in time during the weekend (we got to know some weaker ones missed us in OH0, because they were too shy to ask for a sked after the first hype).

More details to follow.


CU off the rock,


M & M - team