May 2012 bring the best of health and happiness to you all and your family.

VK3UM  Software updates .. 3 January 2012
Atmosphere Calculator
  Update Ver 2011.0.01.16  [for 10GHz and above]
This latest version now includes Sky Noise attenuation in K due to Atmospheric losses and
other minor changes to some calculation routines.  It was a difficult project given the complexity of the calculations
and the lack of correct reference material for comparison. Many thanks to Dr Mike Willis [G0MJW] for his assistance and advice.
Thanks also to Rex [VK7MO] for his valuable help and suggestions in refining some of the procedures and his practical
measurements to confirm reality with theory. It has been fascinating to see Rex's 24GHz plots of the passing clouds
and those of opening and closing of glass doors!  Yes it all computes!

EME Calculator Ver 7.17
The Y Factor Noise Calculator has been revised to provide improved accuracy with the latest known data.
It has been simplified and another Aperture calculation method of measurement included. The interface for the data input from the
Atmosphere software has been refined to provide for variations of prime focus, Cassegrain and Offset feed types.
This revision has been partly brought about by the need of another Noise Source, other than Sun, which currently has limited visibility
in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. The Jy values have been adjusted to reflect current available data and polynomial conversions
have been applied to the YU1AW Taylor calculation method. Many thanks to Peter [G3LTF] for his considerable help and suggestions during the
process. Again it is most gratifying to confirm actual measurements with theory.

The Help files have been updated to reflect the changes made in both software versions and are available in pdf format.
Download all from www.vk3um.com

There is also the YU1AW paper and other 'stuff' added to the web site as shown on the opening crawler screen.

73, Doug VK3UM

PS. I will hope to be active on both 70 and 23 cms this coming weekend for the SSB Fun Event. (Wx permitting)
       Please make the effort to come on and call on either SSB or CW. I look forward to the rag chews we normally have.
       This will try out your system!!