Info od Maria I1ANP


Hello EME friends,
this is a reminder and an invitation to participate in our EME contest "New Modes" which will be kept on next 30-31.05.2009.

The contest is open to random or assisted operation, there are no separate categories but different points, 10 for random and 3 for assisted ( which become 31 and 10 if the qso is made with an Italian station, please look for us).

If you start assisted, i.e. you make known your call and qrg through spotting or you connect to a logger, all qsos shall be considered assisted.

If you start random these qsos get higher points. If you start later with assistance, the remainder of the qsos are considered assisted.

There are separate classes that take into account antenna size and power.

The complete rules can be found and downloaded at:

All participants are invited to send in their log.
Have a good time and good luck.

This message is being sent in name of Mario, I1ANP, Italian VHF Manager