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 27th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 6th – 8th April 2018  CZ   EN  version

EME & MW Seminar 2015 – Registration

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This year is necessary to log on as in previous year. Please use application form in Excel (OpenOffice SCalc) and send by e-mail to organizers.

Application Form EME and MW Seminar 2015

Attention! – This year Petr OK1AXH is collecting application forms, due to that is necessary to send the application form direct to the email address: petr@axh.cz

If you have any problem with that process, please call to Zdenek OK1DFC + 420 603 489480 or send him e-mail to ok1dfc@seznam.cz

Each e-mail will be individually confirmed by mail and at the same time are registered participants appear on the list of entries.