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17. mezinárodní EME Konference v Benátkách

Datum: 1. 1. 2016 (Od:OK1AXH)



S novým rokem byly aktualizovány (spuštěny) stránky letošní EME konference v Benátkách. (z Moon-netu)

Hello everyone,

the website for the International EME Conference will be on-line in a matter 
of hours, we are currently switching the DNS over the new server, at or simply

The website is not complete yet, but you can get a close idea of what will 
expect you 

There are some minor bugs we are addressing and some sections of the website 
are not finished.

The forms you ill find around the website are fully functional.

You will see that there are no prices yet, we are trying to shave some costs 
for you, should be final in a matter of days.

We hope to have the go from the Municipality of Venice about the opening of 
the conference at Palazzo Ducale, not an easy thing to obtain....

Please give us a feedback, we have room to improve for sure.

I'll come back with another email as soon as major changes will be made on 
the site. It won't be long.

73 and CU in Venice.

Giulio IW3HVB on behalf of the organizing committee.