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23 cm EME from Cyprus

Datum: 13. 9. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

23 cm EME from Cyprus
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Další den věnovali 5B/PE1L 23 cm. Již ráno ve tři hodiny (v předchozím oběhu Měsíce), telefonicky vzbudili Zdeňka OK1DFC, kvůli zkoušce čerstvě nainstalovaného zařízení. Takže první QSO OK-5B na 23 cm bylo doma. Zdeňku gratuluji! (Dále již z Moon-netu:)

Yesterday after some sleep we wend shopping for the BBQ, after a short dip in the pool we fired up the barbecque between the 144 and 1296 antennas at the rooftop terrace. We enjoyed the food at a calm warm evening while we saw the moon rising over the moutain, when the moon was high enough we calibrated the antenna and took the stairway to the shack in the appartment.
During the moonpass we went up and down to adjust the antenna position 50 times, so after moonset there was space for breakfast with frankfurter bockwurst, scrambeled eggs, tomatoes and toast.
The 1296 MHz station worked well after some improvements, at the end we did see 27 stations in our log.
The highlight was to provide country no 100 (99 + 1 deleted) for HB9Q. Furthermore nice to see 6 stations from the Netherlands in the log.
Next moonpass we will be QRV at 144.134 again. 20.00 UTC the mooon is high enough too start.
Updated log and pictures at

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