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Datum: 3. 1. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Rene PE1L a Eltje PA3CEE napsali o plánované EME expedici do Senegalu. Pokud vše vyjde tak budou QRV od 9. do 24. května 2013 jako 6W/PE1L.

Hello Zdenek

After some DXpeditions in the past (last year 9G5EME) the Atleticoteam will go to Africa again.

This time Rene PE1L and Eltje PA3CEE will activate Senegal in west Africa.
The licence is in progress and a house is booked, the locator will be IK14JP on the beach of the atlantic ocean.
Internet will be aranged to send at least once a day an update via MoonNet, MMMonVHF and our mailinglist.
The house has 4 ampere, we try now to have it upgraded to 16 ampere.

We try to start friday may 9th and stay QRV till may 24 th.

2×8 Xpol yagi and good power

Main focus is 144 Mhz but we will do 432 and 1296 MHz as well, a schedule will be published later.

Welcome to Senegal moonbounce site! (donations more than welcome)
Dont forget to vote at for expedition of the year 2013.

Eltje and Rene