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3B8 DXpedition

Datum: 9. 9. 2017 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Giulio IW3HVB oznámil plánovanou expedici na Mauricius v dubnu 2018 (Z Moon-netu)

Hi to everyone,
It's time for a new trip.
I will be active from Mauritius from 20 to 28 of April 2018.
Joined by I3VFJ, IK3YBX and IZ3IBL, we'll be operating on 144 MHz and 1296 MHz.
A new mesh dish construction is under way. Should be around 2,3 mtrs in diameter.
We will work mostly digital, but we will accommodate cw skeds and reserve some time slots for random calling too.
News will be posted regularly on my website
CU off the moon. Giulio IW3HVB

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