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3DA0MB finále

  • První osmipásmová EME expedice do Svazijska, 3DA0MB skončila. Přes to, že část s dolními pásmy 6m, 2m a 70cm skončila již 18.10., tak mikrovlnný Q-team pracoval až do včera a dnes se přesouvá do ZS, kde budou v Pretorii u ZS6EME QRV ještě na 6 a 3cm. Aktualizované seznamy stanic jsou na stránkách PA3CMC a „česká stopa“ nezůstala jen na 50 MHz pásmu. Další detaily z moon-netu jsou v pokračování. (Díky za info Tondo OK1DAI)


Hi All
Tomorrow (22.10.) we drive from Swaziland to Pretoria. Once arrived we will set-up the 3cm station, to be ready for MR on 23.10. When we are ready we will send an update. On 23.10. spreading will be very high (250Hz). Therefore it will be better to use JT4F instead of QRA64D. Please be prepared for it (check all settings). We will be using CFOM. Or on request we can do both doppler for you.
Vy 73, Dan for the ZS6EME team


Hi All
Today we worked 20 new initials on 23 cm for a total of 60 initials. We have also worked 4 stations on CW. Now we are QRT. The station is disnanteled and packed-up. Tomorrow we drive to Pretoria. Many thanks to all who worked us! It was great fun! Apologize to those we could not copy and work! QSL cards via PA3CMC please!
Vy 73, Dan for the 3DA0MB team


Hi All
Today was the last day on 50, 144 and 432 MHz. The final results are 50 54 initials, 144 290 initials, 432 47 initials. John, Bernie, Andrew, Alex, Chris and Lins will depart tomorrow morning. On MW today was the 10GHz activity. We are very happy to have worked 18 initials. The remaining days have this schedule: 19. Oct. 3cm from MR until about 8z (depending on activity). 23cm from 8z until MS. 20. Oct. 13cm from MR to MS. Depending on activity and request we may do short QSYs to 9 and 6cm. Please let us know by e-mail or on the logger what you need and when you are available. 21. Oct. 23cm from MR to MS. We are always standby on the HB9Q loggers for up to date information. Please look there for us! Many thanks for all the requests and comments!
Vy 73, Dan for the 3DA0MB team

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