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4U1ITU - 23cm 27/09/2019

Datum: 27. 9. 2018 (Od:OK1AXH)

Screenshot 1296MHz

posílám krátkou info z proběhnuvší noci. Byli jsme QRV na 23cm. Vše po opravách zemění šlo hladce a mohli jsme použít plný výkon. Bylo to znát, přes všechny problémy s rušením jsme udělali řadu pěkných spojení a podařil se i WAC: HB9Q – EU, JA6AHB – AS, VK4CDI – AU, PY2BS – SA, ZS1LS – AF, KA1GT – NA
Z OK jsme pracovali s OK1CA, OK1KIR, OK2ULQ, OK2DL, OK1YK, OK1IL. Pokud vše poběží podle plánu, dnes 24 GHz a 10 GHz. Zdravím všechny ze Ženevy. V pokračování je originální zpráva v angličtině z Moon-netu a screenshoty z 23cm. (Díky za info Zdeňku)

Hi EME gang, regards from Geneva, last night we were finally busy with EME traffic. We have almost fixed all grounding problems, but I do not have time to do general reconstruction of the building :-))). Anyway, we were on 1296 MHz QRV and worked really many of you, even we are still fighting local QRM. I was seriously not able measure of Sun noise due to terrible noise floor in city. Even in high elevation, I was able recognize Sun noise something like 3dB?! Main surprise for us was, that we worked WAC on 23cm. Stations which are as first in this award:

Please do not forget send your QSLs guys, 4U1ITU will be so happy and proud to have this award here in ham shack. During the Moon pass I have here in log 75 QSOs. 11 QSOs CW. Thanks to work on grounding system, we were running 1kW out and 3,2m portable dish as you know from EA9LZ expedition. We are quite happy about result here and do not know how many stations we missing due to interference.

Plan for today is 24 GHz due to very low spread. We decide to operate also 10 GHz to night when we finish all who will be interesting for us on 24 GHz. Change between bands take approximately 15–20min. We do not expect so big pile up and will be able to manage that. Anyway, tonight all who want to work us 24–10 GHz please be on HB9Q coordinate all our activity. We are going right now change TRV and test it in 180cm dish. We try to squeeze more time and have a chance operate again on 23 and 70 if will be interesting between you. Please send us your requests for those bands and we will try do our better. Please do not forget terrible QRM on 432 MHz, which affecting our RXing system.  Do not forget we have on west high building which limiting our west window up to 245°AZ. Thank you for your many individual e-mails, sorry that I can not to answer all, but thank you for them.  We hope to be busy tonight as last night.

GL and 73 from 4U1ITU


Screenshot 1296MHz


Screenshot 1296MHz – 2


Screenshot 1296MHz – QRM



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