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Aktivity víkend na 3 cm

Datum: 29. 7. 2016 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Připomínku na 3 cm Activity Weekend tuto sobotu a neděli pro méně znalé zveřejnil Peter G3LTF na Moon-netu. Možná šance pro ne-emisty zkusit něco nového. (Z Moon-netu)
A reminder that July 30–31st is the 3cm Activity Weekend......for newcomers: The idea of activity weekends is to encourage activity on the higher microwave bands outside contest weekends. There are no restrictions… if you wish then use the logger, telephone, HF…and use any mode. It is not  a contest. It enables everyone to make QSOs, test new equipment, feeds, preamps etc. Hopefully some of the big guns get on and provide signals for newcomers to look for.
I shall be in listening mode only I’m afraid with a very restriced window, but with my improved system ( 12dB sun noise) I hope to hear some new ones.
GL, 73 Peter G3LTF