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Aktualizace TD9FYC & TD9CHR

  • Poslední info o expedici do Guatemaly zveřejnil Chris PA2CHR a Jos PA3FYC včetně časového plánu na Moon-netu. Celá zpráva je v pokračování. (Z Moon-netu)
Hello to all,

When arriving in Guatemala, one suitcase was missing, fortunately we received it yesterday and we became QRV yesterday evening (24/2).

We build up our antennas on the roof of the apartment. Only some trees can possibly block our moonset when moon is below 10 degrees; moonrise is clear.

First QSO’s on 144 MHz were made just during moonset in Europe with USA, JA and VK stations.

Next full moon pass we will do 144 MHz again and tomorrow we do  1296 MHz.


Our internet connection is very slow and sometimes gone…… don’t expect too much reactions on the loggers from us.


This is our expected time table for coming days:


Moonrise/moonset timetable in UTC for TD9FYC & TD9CHR  in EK44SB


Date:     MR UTC:        Date:     MS UTC:        Planned band:

23/2       18:15               24/2       07:00    144

24/2       19:15               25/2       08:00         144   (+ 1296 ?)

25/2       20:15               26/2       09:00        1296   (+ 144 ?)

26/2       21:15               27/2       10:00        144   (+ 1296 ?)

27/2       22:15               28/2       11:00        144 

28/2       23:15               1/3         11:45   144

2/3         00:15               2/3         12:45  144

3/3         01:15               3/3         13:15  432

4/3         02:15               4/3         14:15  432

We might not be QRV all (full) moon passes !


If we can put the antennas close to the shack, it is possible we can

operate on 144 and 1296 at the same time.

(This depends on cable-length: we use same cable’s for both bands)


Please look on: 

for latest updates, we will upload some pictures also.


Log’s will be uploaded to:    No LOTW.

Paper QSL’s are appreciated to PA3FYC   home address.

Best 73's,     Jos and Chris





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