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Aktualizace webu W1GHZ

  • Paul W1GHZ oznámil na Moon-netu aktualizaci svých stránek se spoustou zajímavých informací. (Díky za info Franto / OK1CA)

I've updated my website
to include some stuff from the past year
>From EME2014 Conference
 – Feedhorn Analysis for G/T
 – Mesh Reflector Loss Calculator

>From Microwave Update 2014
 – Combline Filters for VHF and UHF
 – Simple Cheap MMIC Preamps
 – Simple Broadband Power Amplifiers
 – Altoids Tin Filters with a video of SemiRigid Cable Preparation Updates to previous papers
 – 1296 Transverter Update and Enhancements 2014
 – Update to VCXOs for Microwave LO 2014 New small projects
 – Coax Relay Driver for 28 volt relays
 – Simple Frequency Doublers

I hope you find some of it useful
73 & Seasons Greetings to all

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