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Atletico Team je v Malawi

Datum: 7. 5. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Team expedice 7Q7EME dnes dorazil podle plánu do Malawi. Po instalaci zařízení by měli být QRV na 144MHz od soboty 03:00 UT (z Moon-netu)
Wednesday May 6th we arrived in Malawi. We had no problems with
customs. We are very glad!

We arrived in the house, just 100 feet from the ocean. After a good
lunch (sorry to say but it was fish) we studied the possibilities to
get on the air. It is not possible to be QRV out of our appartments
beacause there are trees.
But we have a unique opportunity to be QRV from the beach, this will
give us a good take off at moonset and moonrise over water, and good
chance for groundgain we hope. There is a half open bar and there is
good electricity, so all EME will be done from the beach. Problem will
be millions of mosquitos,  we hope we will smell so bad that they will
leave us alone.

Next thing today will be to buy a simcard and airtime for internet and
first thing thursday will be to set up the 144 antennas, we will start
our activity at 144 MHz Saturday 0300 UTC.
Friday we will send out a update.

Atletico plus team is dreaming of hitting the moon hard.
Will be continued....

73 Eltje, PA3CEE
Hermann, DL2NUD
Rene, PE1L

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