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Biuletyn "SP-UKF"

Datum: 30. 6. 2017 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Staszek SP6MLK rozeslal informaci (v pokračování), odkazy na první dvě čísla a žádost o příspěvky do nového newsletteru Biuletyn SP-UKF. (Děkujeme za info Staszek)

I send links to „SP UKF“ Bulletins that will show Activity in Polish National Amateur Radio Club „SP UKF“.
At the same time we want to promote the activities of club members.
At the moment we publish in Polish but soon
There will be a newsletter „SP UKF“ in English.
We are giving the first issue of the Polish National Amateur Radio Club. We plan to spend four numbers a year.
Number 1 – April 30
Number 2 – June 30
Number 3 – September 30
Number 4 – December 31st
Please send short descriptions and photos of events for members of Polish National Amateur Radio Club „SP UKF“.
Please send materials two weeks ahead of schedule Newsletter release. Longer breaks, lectures and photos should have a link. Please send materials to:……
A little patience!
73! Staszek SP6MLK