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Cayman Islands

Datum: 21. 5. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)

We made it to Cayman Is today.  Setup was longer than expected.  The 2×9 antennas are up at 20 feet and are on the moon with a controller.  SO, hopefully tomorrow,  Thursday we will have our first full day of operating.  (We only had a few hours today)  With the antennas to the west we were not hearing as we had expected.  We hope that this is not the case to the east and overhead, anyway.  There are power lines to the west, but they did not seem overly noisy… S-3 with the preamp on in the Icom 7100.   Happily we did get a few in the log:  W5UN, JE1TNL, W7IUV, N9XG, VK5APN AND K9MRI.  We were told that upwards of  40 stations were calling, but though we saw some traces, we did not decode them.  Keep your fingers crossed for the next few days. 73  PeteR (Z Moon-netu)