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28th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 5th – 7th April 2019  CZ   EN  version

Chybí vám WAZ zóna 2 ?

  • Chybí li vám WAZ zóna 2 a pracujete na tomto diplomu nebo jeho doplňovacích známkách, tak Marshall K5QE dnes publikoval na Moon-netu možné řešení, které je v pokračování.

Hello to everyone interested in WAZ.  The VC2EME team will be QRV from FO10le in Zone2 from June 24th to June 28th.  We will operate 2M EME when the moon is up for us and 2M terrestrial when it is not.  We will have 4×7el loop yagis by Maple Leaf Communications(VE3WY) and QRO power. 

We will also operate 6M terrestrial with QRO power.  We are hoping for some long haul Es, Au, over the pole, or whatever.  Just in case there is some Es to EU, we hope to work that too.  Maybe, a lucky few will get Zone2 on both 6M and 2M.  That would really be great.

We will be using the N5TM chat pages at  Just go to, login with your callsign name grid, click on the word Chatrooms(up above) and select the VC2EME-2M or the VC2EME-6M chat as appropriate.  Others may feel free to make informational posts to the EME-1 page or PingJockey, but we will not normally be looking there.

There are a lot of folks that need Zone2 for a full 40 zone WAZ.  This is your chance.  We would love to get you all in the logs.  Please see the VC2EME page on QRZ for QSL information and more details.  Thank you.

73 es GL