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28th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 5th – 7th April 2019  CZ   EN  version

Další EME expedice DL2NUD

  • Hermann DL2NUD oznámil expedici na ostrov Reunion. Bude QRV na 23, 13 a 9cm. (Z Moon-netu, díky za info Franto OK1CA) 

Dear EME friends

Hermann, DL2NUD asked me to inform you about his next activity.

He will be QRV from 28. February until 7. March from LG78uv using FR/DL2NUD. His equipment will be same as used in E44 last December.

1.5m dish, 1296 170W at feed, 23×x and 3400 100W at feed. He plans to be QRV 3 days on 1296, 2 days on 23×x and 1 day on 3400. He will be QRV on 2320 and 2304, no crossband necessary. Tickets and accommodation are payed. However he will be on his own, so all work will be done by him.

More information when available.

On behalf of Hermann… vy 73, Dan HB9Q

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