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Datum: 16. 3. 2019 (Od:OK1DFC)
  • Další smutná zpráva z EME komunity se objevila na Moon netu. Známý EME operátor a tvůrce softwaru MoonSked David GM4JJJ je SK. Davida jsem znal osobně a rovněž mám v logu několik QSO jak EME, tak přes polární záři, M/S nebo ES. David byl také na EME konferenci v Praze 2002, odkud je tento obrázek s SV1BTR a LZ2US. David na pravé straně. R.I.P. Davide, budeš moc chybět! Kondolence jeho ženě Pat a rodině.

Ian White GM3SEK

I'm sorry to have to tell you that David GM4JJJ died this morning, peacefully under hospice care. He had been fighting spinal cancer though many years of remission and relapse, which often made it difficult to come on the radio.

However, it was entirely typical that David did everything he could to remain active, and was always making positive plans for the future. Here's an example. Known around the world for his MoonSked software, he used his programming skills to combat the disabling effects of his condition. At times when he could move around, he configured the house wiring and the shack for convenient control from his iPad so he wouldn't need to climb the stairs to operate. The next step forward was to do the same from anywhere else – so even when confined to a hospital chair for treatment, GM4JJJ was still making QSOs. All of that, while severely ill and in pain.

That kind of spirit and determination leaves a big hole in other people's lives when it is no longer with us.

We send deepest sympathies to David's wife Pat and family. Funeral details will be announced when available.