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DL0SHF také v pásmu 24 GHz

Datum: 29. 8. 2020 (Od:OK1DFC)

DL0SHF také v pásmu 24 GHz
Maják pro 24 GHz se 100W TWT


Informace o novém EME majáku v pásmu 24 GHz. TNX info Per.

After 2years with a lot of problems and frustration my second edition 24 GHz EME station is qrv now. It is the same as 10 GHz,  also ready for working as a beacon. 3.7m dish, 110W RF at the feed, Kuhne transverter and preamp. Permanent beacon operation will be not with the TWT, but with a transistor SSPAfor this. The TX is switchable between transistor SSPA and TWT. For i do have only a 1W transistor SSPA , I need some help for buying a transistor SSPA with more power. If you need a beaconsignal in the meantime please send a mail and if possible i will run the beacon with the TWT, but only for a limited time. Of course QSO partners are welcome too, but my CW is very poor.

vy73 Per

ps: not before moon has reached higher elevation