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EA6/HB9COG expedice skončila

  • Velmi úspěšná, vlastně ukázková, MW EME vícepásmová expedice na Baleáry EA6/HB9COG skončila 24.5.2018. Další podrobnosti, tak jak je popsal Q-Team na Moon-netu jsou v pokračování.

Hi All
24. May was our last activity from EA6. We were QRV 1296 and did work 5 more initials, for a total of 73 initials and 85 QSOs. During the moon-window the wind picked-up and we were surrounded by T-storms. We had to stop activity at 22.40z because it was not possible anymore to keep the antenna on the moon (wind well over 50 km/h and strong gusts on top of it). Fortunately we suffered NO damage at all.
Today we dismantle the station and pack it up in our car. Tomorrow morning we depart with the ferry to EA and then drive back the 1500km (in 2 days) to HB9.

It was great fun and an other very positive test for our DXpeditions-station. Many thanks to all who worked us and sorry to those we could not work.
Next week I will send a detailed summary to K2UYH for the newsletter and poste an overview of the results on the moon-net.

Vy 73, Q-Team Dan & Sam EA6/HB9COG

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