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EA6/HB9COG - první den

Datum: 14. 5. 2018 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Ahoj,
    včera vyjela expedice EA6/HB9COG na 23 cm se 100 W do 1,5 m paraboly. Udělali 40 JT a 2 CW stanice.V OK1KIR je máme JT i CW. Spojení jsou na našich stránkách. Pro současný nov měsíce budou podle plánu QRV opět ve čtvrtek 17.5. Info od Dana tak jak jej poslal na Moon-net je v pokračování.
    73 a hezký den Tonda (Díky za info Tondo)

Hi All


Yesterday at moonrise we encountered an unexpected problem on 1296. We had very high noise and several moving birdies. This was the reason of the last minute move from 090 to 100. So we could avoid the bigger birdies, but the noise floor  still was up to 10 dBs higher than in other directions. This made it very difficult to work during the first 3.5h of our window. Then noise was again on normal levels. The source of the noise is most probably a number of phone wire cables very close-by east of us. We think it could be that the TV and or internet access is provided through this simple coper cables which then generates this interferences. Anyway… we tried to relocate the dish for less noise. We found a place where the noise “only” goes up 2 to 7dBs between 60 and 140 dgr. Azimuth (considering the elevations starting to go up).


We are happy to have worked 40 initials on JT65c plus 2 of them on CW as well and we are sorry for VK4CDI and some others who could not work us due to the high noise.


On 14./15./16. May we will not be QRV due to new-moon.


We will be QRV again 17. May from our MR at about 7 dgr. elevation at 07.20z until MS at about 21z on 1296.100 1st RX on our echo (please make sure your echo is not more than ±1KHz of it).

For the VK and JA friends: although there is high noise during MR we are happy to try to QSO you! With luck noise is only a few dBs and we can work you! Please give it a try.

Depending on activity levels we may close down early. So if you will be looking for us on 17. May let us know by e-mail ( what time you expect to be on. As always we will be on the 1296 logger during our activity hours.


QSL address:


P.O.Box 133

CH-5737 Menziken


The 13cm (18. May), 6cm (19. May) and 3cm (20. May) activities take place as announced. See also for detailed information about our activity.


We hope to make many more QSOs! Good luck all!


Vy 73, Q-Team Dan & Sam