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ARI Trophy 5,6 GHz v JA

Datum: 6. 4. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)

ARI Trophy 5,6 GHz v JA
Yoshiro JA4BLC

Yoshiro JA4BLC poslal informaci o předpokládané EME aktivitě stanic z JA v nadcházejícím ARI EME Trophy contestu tento víkend v pásmu 5,6 GHz. TNX info Yoshiro JA4BLC !!!

Hi All
As there are six Japanese stations to be QRV on 5760 coming weekend, we wish to notice you our operating plan to avoid any confusion as less as possible.

JA transmitting time:

April 9 00–01z for NA, 08–09z for Eu,
April 10 01–02z , 08–09z.

Transmitting frequency (we are fix)
JA8ERE 5760.050
JA1WQF 5760.055
JF3HUC 5760.060
JA4BLC 5760.065
JA6CZD 5760.070
JA8IAD 5760.075

As there will be family comittment or window problem, following time slot will not be QRV:
JF3HUC no QRV on Eu window on April 9. He will stop operation at 09z on April 10.
JA4BLC no QRV on NA window but JA4BLC has small window during 0230–0300z on April 10. Contact personally if you wish to work.

de Yoshiro JA4BLC

JA8ERE 4m solid dish, 100W SSPA
JA1WQF 2.4m solid dish, 100W SSPA
JF3HUC 6m mesh dish, 80W SSPA
JA4BLC 3m sild dish, 100W SSPA
JA6CZD 2.4m offset dish, 100W SSPA
JA8IAD 3m TVRO dish, 100W SSPA