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EME expedice na Rhode Island

Datum: 11. 5. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)

EME expedice na Rhode Island
QSL foto

Bob W1QA posílá pro čtenáře a návštěvníky webu OK VHF clubu galerii fotografií s popiskami. Text necháváme v původním znění bez překladu.

Hi Zdenek,

I have not done up a QSL yet – but we took a lot of photos at the site and I need to go through them and make up some cards. It will likely be a few weeks before we can get all that done. I was so busy with setup and operating that I took very few pictures – but NC1I and N1NK was busy with the iPhones, etc – I will try to get a couple of good ones to send you in the coming days.

We had a lot of fun and not too many problems – worst was with our 20 kw generator: here in the US we have 120 VAC and 240 VAC … and the 120 volt legs of the generator were at or below 90 volts and causing problems for some of the equipment. The property owner was nice enough to provide us 120 VAC connection and we ran the amps and some other equipment off the generator. WX was more like February than April – well below freezing made a cold operating position in the caravan (camper) until it warmed up inside!

Bob W1QA


1 – Operating position – back view with the caravan (camper) door open:

From left to right: Laptop computer with docking station and dual monitors, Yaesu FTDX-5000 with microHAM microKeyer II and Station Master on top, Alpha SPID MD-01 AZ/EL controller and power supply (black rack mount) and Kuhne transverter on top, 

Board mounted to rear of table: 12 vdc switcher and Anderson Power Pole fused distribution, G3RUH GPSDO, Home brew station master break out box (DB-25 to RCA phono + coaxal power), AC distribution outlets, BIG attenuator (not used) and 23cm filter (not used)

On floor: Generator AC power distribution (240 + 120 VAC), Pair of Meanwell 50 VDC supplies, Pair of W6PQL amps (combined), 

Missing: Drive to the amps, Amp output and metering

2 – The T/R and preamp box is mounted on a cross base set back from the rotor and the power divider below it.  Minimizes feedlines to the FO25 antennas – this setup works really well.  (These antennas are 20+ years old!)

3 – 4 – Another picture of the array – and the array just after moon rise one morning … we were on top of one of the higher points in RI in a tree farm.

5 - setting up the operating position (laptop not normally open / keyboard usually in front of it).

6 - W1QA logging another contact

7 - Some signals

8 - Mid week setup – prior weekend had 15 cm of snow but most of it had melted.

9 - Generator, tower and accessories packed on trailer for trip.

10 - Tilt over tower base on trailer

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