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EME expedice TO2&PJ7

Datum: 29. 9. 2015 (Od:OK1DFC)

EME expedice TO2&PJ7



Rene PE1L poslal detailnější plán k expedici a odkaz na jejich webovou stránku se změnou časového rozpisu. TNX info Rene !!!



From October 22nd till November 1st we will be QRV from Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. These are two separate DXCC's,
Callsign at Saint Martin (DXCC FS) will be TO2EME.
Callsign at Sint Maarten (DXCC PJ7) will be PJ7/PE1L
For both places the locator is FK88kb.

Both accommodations are booked, tickets are bought, TO2EME licence is received, a car is booked, transport for extra luggage is arranged, so everything is on schedule.

It was hard to find a good QTH at both sides of the island. On the French side there are some trees around us, we hope they will not effect our moon windows too much. On the Dutch side we will setup the antennas on a roof-garden. We did look for a place with good take off not only for moonrise for Europe but also moonset for JA VK ZL etc.

The equipment at 144 MHz and 432 MHz is the same as 7Q7EME. At 1296 and 2320 MHz we will have a 1.8 meter portable dish with OK1DFC feed and full tracking, building is in progress see our website under media.

Welcome to our website!
There you can see a schedule for each band, its slightly changed. New is that we have Online QSL Request System, its even free for our sponsors. Doing EME in the Caribbean is not cheap. There are big costs, we would like to thank our sponsors (donations are more than welcome)

73 K5QE, PA3FPQ, PE1LWT and PE1L