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EME konference 2016 update

Datum: 1. 6. 2016 (Od:OK1DFC)

Hi all,

it's time for an update about the oncoming EME Conference. Here is the list of the papers that will be presented:


Welcome and conference briefing, IW3HVB
Chapter II – Signal polarity in V/UHF bands, IK1UWL & IK3XTV
Failure levels in LNAs, G4DDK
On the Theoretical and Practical Limits of Digital QSOs, DJ5HG
Q-ary Repeat-Accumulate Codes for Weak Signals Communications, IV3NWV
Stress Offset Dish for 1296 MHz, K2UYH
Portable EME MW Setups, OK1DFC
High Power Switching Class E and F amplifiers, AD6IW
PB8 13mt Cassegrain Dish Adventure with ORPB society, F2CT
Experiences with Circular Polarization on 10 GHz, G3WDG
Techniques used in construction of a home brew 10 mt parabolic antenna, VK5MC
Azimuth Drive for Small Dishes, G4HUP


Let’s Bounce, PA3FXB
New Codes, Modes, and Tools for EME, K1JT
Optimized EME reception with Linrad and WSJT under multi-polarization configuration, ZS6EME
The Stealth Dish, I0NAA
Please Don’t Throw Tomatoes – ARRL EME Rules, K1DS
Roundtable and Conclusion

The registrations are coming in, we should be aligned with all the requests up to today's date, if yours is still missing, pse contact me, maybe some spam filter acting weirdly (experienced that with a couple of german providers). We broke the 100 participants barrier, but we can accomodate many more :-)…articipants/

Time is running up for the registration, the deadline is set for June 10th. After that, we will not guarantee availability at the conference hotel, altough I am trying to stretch the deadline with their management.

Pse register here:…egistration/

I remind you that you can send even a partially compiled form, if you don't have all the requested data at the moment, and that there is no obligation to book the room at the conference hotel if you want to find something different (you would have to deal with the transfers btw, so do it if you have a vehicle available). If you want to be creative, use the last field „Your message“ for any inquiry. Many have asked to extend their stay to enjoy a vacation here, and we are happy to help! If you need any information just ask and we'll try to accomodate you. Remember that we can also host table-top presentations, or you can simply send a paper just to be published on the proceedings. A quick update abt II3EME station too: It will be active for the most part of August on 144 MHz, and we are working to activate the call also on 1296, 2304, 5760 MHz.

73 de Giulio IW3HVB

Giulio Pico IW3HVB
Organizing Committee
XVII International EME Conference 2016
Venice Italy
Via Umberto Saba, 13/B
30038 Spinea Venice
Mobile +39 393 9209292