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EME Planner update

Datum: 15. 2. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Další aktualizaci programu EME Planner oznámil Doug VK3UM (z Moon-netu)

Gentlemen  .. yes another update!

I have added to the Month Data option (a month [selectable] of moon data at a glance in chart display format)
Declination, Path Loss, Distance, Libration, Illumination, Rise and Set times (local and UTC),
Rise and set azimuth bearings,  and coincident Moon/Sun times (text format).
In addition you can select (or deselect), as a composite display, most of the above the options as you wish.

e.g. select Declination and path loss and you find they will not coincide until July 2017
        or the peak Moon declination will not occur until  October 2023 at ~29.15° or
        the lowest path loss for this year will / has occurred on the 15th February. (today!)
        I will leave it to you to choose the lowest Libration should you require such a condition.

If you have obstructions on your Moon rise or set  you can choose days that suit your situation as well.
Detailed information for the day, hour and minute is available from the planner option as usual.

Have fun!

73 Doug

Correction .. path loss is lowest on the 19th Feb (not today) .. so you still have a couple of days to prepare !!

73 Doug