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Epilog EME expedice do FS a PJ7

Datum: 2. 11. 2015 (Od:OK1DFC)


René PE1L poslal závěrečnou informaci se sumarizací celé expedice na Saint Martin / Sint Maarten – TO2EME a PJ7/PE1L. Díky René PE1L za informaci a perfektní expedici. Budeme se těšit na další akce v roce 2016!

Yesterday, the Sint Maarten/ St Martin team dismantled the PJ7/PE1L station. Today we will fly home and we will arrive the day after. Within one hour the Antenna system was down and finally we could use our dreamhouse for its intended purpose, relaxing at the pool. While swimming around we discussed the pro and cons of the expedition and going QRV from two different countrys. Even new places were discussed.
In the afternoon we took a short sightseeing tour around the island by car and we got rid of the rocks we used to weight down the tripods. Some of the team members fell asleep, two weeks with not more then 2 or 3 hours a day sleep takes his toll.

Total results for the PJ7 trip are:
215 inits on 144 MHz (two moonpasses)
27 inits on 432 MHz (one moonpass)
58 inits on 1296 MHz
14 inits at 2320 MHz (with very high qrm from wifi and GSM)
We made CW QSO's on each band except 2320MHz.
WAC in one moonpass at 144 MHZ.

Total results for the TO2EME trip are:
346 inits on 144 MHz (two moonpasses).
24 inits on 432 MHz (one moonpass)
73 inits on 1296 MHz
20 inits at 2320 MHz
We made CW QSO's on each band.

Ending up with 777 unique inits per station per band per country.

About sponsoring:
All sponsors for FS/PJ7 expedition will be mentioned on the website All stations who do send extra money with QSL card will be mentioned on this page as well (10$ or more)

About QSL:
All QSL wil go via PE1L and we kindly ask you to keep in mind that if you want QSL from both countries and for more bands that you include enough to cover the costs. An order for QSL cards will go out soon, based on earlier experience with the printer this can take some time, so have patience. We have also a Online QSL request system, after validate your details in our log you can order a (free) bureau card or a direct card (free for sponsors) You can see your QSL status on the log page at If you do a logsearch, you can see if you are in the log, if your card is received, and if our card is send to you. If you have a non confirmed QSO with PE1L, PE1LWT or PA3FPQ please send your card with the card for the expedition.

Johan, Jurgen, Marshall, Rene