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Expedice 5B/PE1L

(Od: OK1AXH Téma: Expedice Zveřejněno: 10. 9. 2014)

Expedice 5B/PE1L
Expedice 5B/PE1L



Expedice na Kypr – 5B/PE1L v pořádku dorazila na místo (KM64ux) a po dnešním východu Měsíce snad budou QRV na 144 MHz. (Z Moon-netu)

Today we did arrive at Cyprus.
After a short trip we arrived at the house, the landlord was waiting. He showed us the house but we could not wait and we all three ran to the roofterrasse and did enjoy the supermoon. We may need some elevation on moonrise and moonset. Tomorrow first thing in the morning we will setup the 144 MHz antenna and install the equipment in the shack. We try to be QRV at next moonrise as condx are great (it seems we have always that luck)
Cris, Johan and Rene at 5B/PE1L