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Expedice do VK8 na 432 MHz

Datum: 1. 8. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Ahoj Petře, dostal jsem nějaké info od Wayna ohledně expedice do VK8 na 432 MHz. Doplnil jsem to i o český překlad na VHF web. (Díky Zdeňku/OK1DFC)
Mám téměř dokončenu anténu 21. el Yagi pro pásmo 432 MHz s přispůsobením z 28 na 50 ohm.
Počasí posledních pár dnů bylo velmi špatné. V pondělí bylo slušně pro testování 5wl. Yagi na 2m, ale měl jsem ještě nějaké technické problémy. V úterý a ve středu byl děsný vítr a pršelo. Vyráběl jsem tedy 70cm anténu uvnitř.
Budu muset pracovat čtvrtek a pátek (zbývá pár týdnů do expedice ve VK8) Předpověď říká, že na Neděli bude pěkné počasí.
Doufám že budu testovat 2m a 70cm EME za použití expediční výbavy, generátor, zesilovač 2m, GPS časový normál atd.

Pro zkoušky na 70cm budu používat HB9Q web, je tam na to prostor? (Již jsem mu odpověděl :-)) )
Beru vybavení, jídlo, benzín, plyn na vaření, Generátor, připraveno vše na cestu. V poušti je jenom velmi málo benzínek a obchodů. Ceny jsou tam vysoké jekiož vědí že nemůžeš nakoupit nikde jinde. Budu spát v autě na kraji silnice. Bude to zábava.

Cheers and regards

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Od: Wayne – VK5APN <>
Komu:, Wayne – VK5APN <>
Datum: 1. 8. 2014 1:36:49
Předmět: Re: [Moon-Net] VK8 CW and JT



Have almost finished the 21 el 70cm yagi, just the 28–50 ohm matching to go and testing.

Weather has been terrible last few days.  Monday was good for the 2m 5wl xpol test but had technical issues.  Then Tues and Wed were terrible, strong winds and rain.  So built 70cm yagi indoors

Had to work Thurs and Fri (now on 4 weeks holiday for trip to VK8 etc)  They say weekend (Sunday) will be good weather.

Hope to test 2m and 70cm EME using portable setup, generator, amp (2m) GPS timing........

For 70cm test I will use HB9Q Logger  Is this the best place for 70cm??

Getting equipment, food, petrol, gas (for cooking – LPG) Generator...... ready for trip.  Desert has very few petrol and shops.  Then prices are expensive as they know you cannot go somewhere else to buy it.  Will be sleeping in car on side of road......  All good fun.

Cheers and regards



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„Wayne – VK5APN“ <>




Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:26:04 +0200 (CEST)


Re: [Moon-Net] VK8 CW and JT

Looking forward to work you on 432 Mhz 

Zdenek – OK1DFC
QRV 144 – 3400 MHz EME – QRO and 10m DISH
WAC 432 – 1296 – 2320 MHz
DXCC 432 MHz

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Od: Wayne – VK5APN <>
Komu: moon-net@mailman.pe1itrcom
Datum: 12. 7. 2014 12:54:24
Předmět: [Moon-Net] VK8 CW and JT


I have been planning a trip to more grids.

August has many good Moon days (some the best for 2014) and a few contests

15th is the CW ATP and the 16th is the 70cm DUBUS Digital contest. I may take a 70cm yagi with me just for the 16th.  If time permits me, it will be a new band for me.  Just a single yagi – not yet constructed.

I am also aware of many that have not worked this new Main grid and VK State.  I think only about 3 have worked VK8 (2 in the late 80's).

Feedback on this status would be appreciated.  W5UN, N5BLZ and HB9Q are the only ones that I know of.

It will allow many of you to complete the „Worked all States VHF Award“ here in VK.


To that end I am planning to travel to VK8 – Northern Territory.

To get there I travel through many grids.  VERY VERY rare grids, even for VK operators.  As I will be travelling through the desert, towns are many 100's of km apart and no towns in some of the grids.  Some grids also have no population in them, as well as no mobile phone coverage which means no internet access in most of them also.  Being in the desert in August should be pleasant and not as hot as in the summer where the temp can reach up to the mid 40'sC

In some of the grids there is very little amount of road, the road just going through the corner of the grid.  Others have only the one road in it, the rest being desolate desert.

So to get to the Northern Territory, I will take 5 days to get there.  That way I can activate a different grid on a different day. Activate one grid for the full MR to MS window, then move onto the next one for the next moon pass.

I anticipate activating every alternate one on the way to the Northern Territory, and the ones I do not activate on the way up, I will activate on the way back.  All up 12 grids +/- 1 or 2 depending on time and physical exhaustion – HI.

I wonder how many will be able to work me in all of them?  To that end a special „VK unique momento“ will be offered to any who manages that.

As usual, a different picture will be available for each different grid QSL card.

MANY MANY things are yet to occur before travel and as such there are many things that could make this a shorter trip or a no-goer.

This trip is not a work or family related trip.  It is dedicated to operate EME.

I anticipate having ready by then a better system.  A different antenna once in VK8 (it will take longer to assemble) and so only used when I am there for 5 days.  The other days, the current portable antenna will be used (2×9el YU7EF)

As a guide the following is what has been planned.  But is subject to change.  I am aware that this will conclude near the start of the EME confrence in France and some of you will be on the way there.  As the latter grids are close to home, then there is a a greater chance for these being re-activated by me latter.

8th – PF89
9th – PF78 (not alot of road in this one)
10th – PG70
11th – PG72 (not alot of road in this one)
12th – PG63
13th – PG65 (VK5APN/8)
14th to 18th – PG64 (VK5APN/8) Should have internet here
19th – PG62
20th – PG71
21st – PF79
22nd – PF88
23rd – PF97

When portable in VK5, I will use my call NO /p etc.  The grid that I tx will indicate that I am not in my home QTH and hence portable is assumed.

More details on MMM and my Portable EME webpage

I hope that this will enable you to have worked more grids and to colour in your grid square maps.

Good Luck to all and hope all things go to plan.

Best 73 and Regards