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Expedice DX7EME skončila


Expedice Panglao Isl.

Ahoj, po neúspěšném včerejším výjezdu kdy pro poruchu v evropském oknu na 70cm nevyjeli, se dnes OK1KIR zadařilo. Dík otočné polarizaci jsme se brzy dovolali na expedici DX7EME z PJ19VN. Je to pro nás nové pole a JT zem na 70 cm. Dobrou noc a 73 Tonda.

Dear folks,
we are QRT now. 432 MHz was very disappointing. We found our RX chain to have at least 12dB loss. This might be caused by t-storms which are around almost 24/7. Either a relay or pin diode switch inside the transverter died. This island is the world capitol of t-storms. Since there is no spare we go QRT and dismantle. We made only 14 QSO's on 70cm and are happy to give DL9KR another DXCC in CW.
Thanks to all having patience on 144 and 432 and many many thanks to all of you supporting via PayPal.
73 Udo from the island on behalf the team.
P.S.: Where will we go next? Any idea? (Z Moon-netu)

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