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Expedice EA6/HB9COG

Datum: 17. 3. 2018 (Od:OK1AXH)

Rig 3DA0MB (PA3CMC gallery)

Q-team (HB9COG Sam a HB9CRQ Dan) oznámili na Moon-netu novou MW EME expedici na Ibizu od 12. do 26.května 2018 na 23cm, 13cm, 6cm a 3cm se stejným zařízením, které použila loňská expedice 3DA0MB. (z Moon-netu)

Následující podrobnosti jsou zveřejněny na MMMonVHF:

EA6/HB9COG EME DXpedition 1296, 23 xx, 5760 and 10 xxx
I'm very happy to announce our next DXpedition!

The Q-Team, HB9COG Sam and HB9CRQ Dan, will be active from EA6, Ibiza
Island (JM08OV). We will be QRV from 13. May until 24. May 2018.
The bands are 23cm, 13cm (2320, 2304, 2400 and 2301.9), 6cm and 3cm (10368
and 10450). Sorry 9cm is not allowed from EA6.
The equipment will be the same as used in 3DA0MB.

1.5m dish 1×2mm mesh
homemade automatic az and el control
1296: 100W at feed, circular, preamp at horn
23×x: 90W at feed, circular, preamp at horn
5760: 80W at feed, circular, preamp at horn
10×xx: 50W at feed, v-pol, preamp at horn

We have rented a house on Ibiza Island (JM08OV). MR will have approx. 5–10°
elevation. MS is on the sea.
We will have internet access but bandwidth may be limited. During activity
we'll be stand-by on the HB9Q logger of the active band. You may send
e-mails anytime (, we will monitor our in-basket several times
a day.

To help everyone to be QRV for EA6, we have planned our activity as

12. May 2018
We arrive in Ibiza Island and set the station up.

13. May
04.14z until 16.30z QRV 1296.090

14. May
Not QRV, sightseeing

15. May
Not QRV due to new moon, sightseeing

16. May
Not QRV, sightseeing

17. May
06.45z until 21.15z QRV 1296.090

18. May
07.45z until 22.15z QRV 23×x
MR on 2301.990 (on request only), will QSY later to 2400.090 (on request
only), later to 2320.090 and finally to 2304.090 (QSY will be announced on
HB9Q 23×x logger)

19. May
08.50z until 23.00z QRV 5760.090

20. May
10.00z until 00.00z QRV 10×xx
MR 10450.090 later 10368.090 (QSY will be announced on HB9Q 10×xx logger)

21. – 24. May
This days we will be QRV ON REQUEST ONLY. 24. May is the last day of
If you are not able to be QRV during our announced activity days, you may
ask before the DXpedition (by e-mail: for an additional
activity on any of the bands.
If you do not work us during the band activity you may ask for an
additional activity by e-mail ( or on the HB9Q logger.
We will do our best and try to accommodate your needs/proposals.

25. May
Dismantle the station, pack-up and load it in the car. Departure from Ibiza
26. May.

Now that WSJT-X 1.9 RC2 is available, we will use it on 23 and 13cm for
JT65c with Doppler Control (‚Own Echo‘, in other words we listen on our own
echo). On 6 and 3cm we will use QRA64D (if necessary JT4F) including
Doppler Control (‚Constant Frequency On Moon‘ and if necessary ‚Full
Doppler to DX Grid‘).
Hopefully more people take advantage of automated Doppler control.
Especially on 6 and 3cm it is a MUST for successful QRP operations.
Although it is on the limit, we will work CW on all bands. However only
with big-guns and after the pile-up on JT/QRA is worked.

How big needs your station to be to work us? During our 3DA0MB activity the
smallest stations worked had the following equipment:
On 23cm 2.35m dish and 150W at the feed
On 13cm 2.4m dish and 150W at feed, with excellent signals both sides!
On 6cm 2.4m dish and 30W at the feed, with excellent signals both sides!
That's less ERP than we have!
On 3cm 1.2m solid dish with 40W at the feed, with excellent signals both
sides! That's less ERP than we have!

QSL policy: QSL only direct including SAE to: HB9Q, P.O.Box 133, CH-5737
If you wish to sponsor our activity, you are welcome to do so by using
PayPal (please mention your call).

Vy 73, Dan for the HB9Q DXpedition Team