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Expedice Falklandy

Datum: 9. 3. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Expedice na Falklandy by měla začít podle plánu na 144 MHz pod značkou VP8DQE 16. března.
    Arliss – W7XU, Holly – N0QJM a Marshall – K5QE by měli být QRV do 26. března. (Z Moon-netu)

Hello all 2M EME ops.....As you may know, Arliss-W7XU, Holly-N0QJM, and Marshall-K5QE are mounting a DXpedition to the Falkland Islands in only a few days.  We will be on 2M EME using 4×9el H-only, an IC7000, a SSPA and a WA2ODO preamp.  We plan to use the call of VP8DQE for all the EME operations.

We hope to be on the air on March 16th, IF we can get the station built in time.  If we are still building, we will be on the air on March 17th…which happens to be a very good day as far as degradation goes.  We will QRT on March 26th.  There is a New Moon right in the middle of our time in the Falklands.  We may or may not be able to operate during that day.

We plan to use 144.142MHz and will always take First Sequence. We hope to have Internet at the operating position and if we do, we will use the chat pages provided for us by Dan-N5TM.  Please go to and login with your Call Name and Grid. Then click on the VP8-EME Tab.  We will NOT be using the N0UK EME-1 page or the ON4KST pages.  These are fine pages, but they use up a LOT of Internet bandwidth which we will not have.  To sign off the chat pages, enter the /quit command.  If you don't do this, the chat pages will think that you are still there and won't let you sign in again(for several hours).

We do hope that we can work a lot of stations, but we are beginners at this, so we will make some mistakes.  Hopefully, they will not be big ones.  Please spread out so that we have some chance of separating the traces out.  Watch the waterfall for a few minutes and then call outside of the pile up.  Please don't call us if you don't see our trace.  If we were to answer you, you would not know that and a lot of time would be wasted. If you are decoding us, please keep calling even if we are working someone else.  This will allow us to decode several stations at each minute.  We will be there long enough that we should be able to work everyone…Faraday will eventually favor your station, even if it is no good right now.

Team VP8 wishes everyone the best of luck working us.  We certainly do want to get as many stations in the log as we can.

73 es GL.....Arliss-W7XU, Holly-N0QJM, and Marshall-K5QE