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Expedice Kypr

(Od: OK1AXH Téma: Expedice Zveřejněno: 6. 7. 2014)
  • Od 10. do 15. září 2014 plánují PA3FPQ, SP4K a PE1L, EME expedici na Kypr – 5B4 (Z Moon-netu)

From September 10th – September 15th 2013 PA3FPQ, SP4K and PE1L will be active from Cyprus (DXCC 5B4).
The locator is KM64.

Flights and house is booked and payed for.
We are only a few days QRV on VHF/UHF moonbounce, so don't miss it.

Setup 144 MHz: 2×8 el Xpol yagi, and good power by ITALAB
Setup 1296 MHz: 67 element antenna, 100 watt and a preamp this time

Our schedule is:
moonpass from sept 10 till sept 11: 144 MHz
moonpass from sept 11 till sept 12: 144 MHz
moonpass from sept 12 till sept 13: 1296 MHz
moonpass from sept 13 till sept 14: 144 MHz
moonpass from sept 14 till sept 15: 144 MHz

Welcome to website! http://www.emelogger.com/5b
73 Johan PA3FPQ, Chris SP4K and Rene PE1L