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Expedice LY1EME

Datum: 4. 4. 2019 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Dan HB9Q informoval na Moon-netu o připravované EME expedici LY1EME kterou uskuteční Hermann DL2NUD a Norbert DL4DTU spolu s LY2IJKO25TF. Budou QRV na 23, 13, 6 a 3cm od 6. do 17. dubna 2019. Originál zprávy z moon-netu v pokračování.

Hello all
On behalf of Hermann (DL2NUD) and Norbert (DL4DTU) I’m happy to inform you:
They will be QRV on 23, 13, 6 and 3cm from LY from 6. April to 17. April 2019.
The QTH will be in KO25TF at Arunas (LY2IJ) country home.
Arunas did get LY1EME as special call for this DXpedition.
They will be using Hermann’s DXpedition equipment: 1.5m dish with automatic moon-tracking.
The plan is to be QRV 2 full moon-paths on each band:

06.04. and 07.04.             23 cm
08.04. and 09.04.             13 cm
10.04. and 11.04.             6 cm
12.04. and 13.04.             3 cm
14.04 – 17.04. to be determined

They will have internet access and will be on HB9Q EME Logger.
I wish you all good luck working them!
Vy 73, Dan HB9Q