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EME Expedice Špicberky

Datum: 1. 2. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
DF8DX qrv from JW (JQ78TF) on 23cm and 13cm EME

Hi friends,
here finally some more details about the Svalbard activity. Herman, DL2NUD, 
will join us. This way, you will be able to work us also on 9cm. Here our 

21.Feb: 1100-1400z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)
22.Feb: 1100-1300z 2320.100MHz JT65C (1st)
22.Feb: 1500-1700z 2320.100MHz JT65C (1st), also RX on 2304.100MHz
23.Feb: 1130-1300z 3400.100MHz JT65C (1st)
23.Feb: 1700-1800z 3400.100MHz JT65C (1st)
24.Feb: 1200-1400z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)
24.Feb: 1700-1900z 1296.090MHz JT65C (1st)

On 23cm we will use JW/DF8DX and on 13cm and 9cm we will use JW/DL2NUD. Our 
locator is JQ78QF. We will call in JT65C and ALWAYS listen on our own echo 
frequency. If we have speaker copy, you may also work us in CW. Priority is 
given to work new stations. So, as long as we still work new stations in JT
65, we will not QSY to CW. If we call CQ and nobody answers, you may call us
in CW and we are more than happy to work you again.
Equipment is pretty much what Herman used in PZ. 1.5m dish with 175W on 23
cm, 300W on 13cm and 60W on 9cm. We will have internet to check mail from 
time to time. We will most probably not be online all the time while 
If you have questions, send me a mail.