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Expedice na Kypr

Datum: 30. 8. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Již dříve plánovaná expedice na Kypr – 5B/PE1L se uskuteční na 144 a 1296 MHz od 10. do 15. září 2014. (Z Moon-netu)

Soon we will travel to Cyprus

>From September 10th – September 15th 2014 PA3FPQ, SP4K and PE1L will
be active from Cyprus as 5B/PE1L.
The locator is KM64ux.
Flights are booked, a house with roofterrase is rented, a car is
rented, transport of luggage has been aranged, equipment tested so
everything is on schedule.

On 144 MHz we have 2×8 element cross yagi, good power by Italab and
good preamp (same as 6W/PE1L)
On 1296 MHz we have a 67 el. Yagi, a preamp and 100 watts (same as
6W/PE1L but we added a preamp)

If we can manage internet we will be on N0UK logger and HB9Q logger
for last minute freq. change etc. In the next mail we will give the
timeslots for each band.

Welcome to our website!
Thanks to our sponsors, without support its not possible to do this trip.

73 Chris SP4K, Johan PA3FPQ and Rene PE1L