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Falklandy na 144MHz

Datum: 4. 2. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • V březnu budou QRV Arliss W7XU, Holly N0QJM a Marshall K5QE z Falklandských ostrovů VP8 na 144MHz EME. Možnost také pro ty, kterým chybí Falklandy RTTY na 20 a 30m.  Doplněno o informace 432 a 1296 MHz, na těchto pásmech bohužel nevyjedou. (Z Moon-netu)

I would like to make the following announcement…
73 Marshall K5QE


Arliss-W7XU, Holly-N0QJM, and Marshall-K5QE would like to announce a DXpedition to the Falkland Islands(VP8).  Arliss and Marshall will be operating 2M EME from a farm outside Stanley, courtesy of Neil-VP8AWU.  Neil has agreed to host us while we are there and we owe him a large debt of gratitude.  Thanks Neil.

We will arrive at VP8 on Saturday, the 14th of March, 2015 and depart on Saturday, the 28th.  We hope to be set up and operating by Monday, March 16th.  We will operate until March 26th and then we will tear down and fly out.  Call signs are not yet arranged.

Arliss and Marshall will be doing 2M EME whenever the moon is up.  Holly likes to do RTTY and she will be doing that on 20M and 30M.

The airline tickets are purchased and paid for.  We have a reservation at a Bed & Breakfast in Stanley.  At the current time, we are rounding up all the gear and testing it out.

We will have Internet at the B&B, but we are not sure about out at the farm.  We will let you know on that later.

We certainly do hope that we can work you while we are in VP8. So, get the ice off your antennas and listen up for us.

73 Arliss, Holly, and Marshall


Hello to all interested in our DXpedition to the Falkland Islands(VP8).....

I have already received several requests that we take 6M, 432, and / or 1296 gear along on this trip.  As things currently stand, we cannot consider these types of requests.  We don't have any gear for 432 or 1296 EME, so those are out.  We do have gear for 6M, but there are several operators down in VP8 that do 6M and we don't want to „compete“ with them.  We will do what we can to encourage the local ops to get on 6M when conditions permit.

In addition, there are only two of us that will be doing EME.  We cannot possibly run two bands for 12 hours per day for 10 days with only two operators.  It is just not physically possible…at least not for me.  The famous quote is, „I am getting too old for this stuff“. 

Finally, taking another band would just double the weight of the baggage(limited by the airlines) and more that double all the hassles.

SO, while we are flattered, we want to do a good job on 2M EME so that everyone who wants us can get into the logs.  Thanks for your understanding…

73 Marshall K5QE