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Finále letošní EME Expedice VK7MO


VK Fields OK1KIR on 24GHz

Rex Moncur VK7MO zakončil svou letošní velmi úspěšnou a velmi náročnou expedici po VK8 a VK6 tím že opět aktivoval OF78 na 24GHz. Tak umožnil, aby si OK1KIR udělali poslední chybějící OF pole a tím si „pokryli“ celou Austrálii i na 24 GHz. Nyní mají QSO do všech 10 polí v AU i na tomto pásmu. Blahopřeji! (Díky za info Tondo)

Dobré ráno,
naštěstí nám před skedem přestalo pršet a povedlo se spojení s Rexem VK7MO na 24 GHz. Tím máme všech 10 VK  polí i na 24 GHz.
Zpráva je na našich stránkách.
73 Tonda

Hi All

Today I completed marginal QSOs with OK1KIR and G3WDG on 24 GHz at the
OF field which completes all 10 VK fields on 24 GHz.

I have looked at opportunities to try 24 GHz with Al but it would mean
running at 3 to 5 am local time (plus setting up and packing up in the
dark) and finding a place where I could operate to near zero elevation. 
Also rain will start over the day or so.  I am committed to a talk to
the Western Australian VHF group on Saturday afternoon and after that I
must move reasonably quickly back to Melbourne to mind my grandchildren
over School holidays. Sri Al but it just does not work out – in part due
to exhaustion at the end of this trip.

Overall I met all objectives that I set for this trip:

Complete OH Field on 10 GHz

Complete OH, OG and OF fields on 24 GHz

Get up to 100 10 GHz grid activations on the OK1KIR Map

The icing on the cake was the World Record with Jim WA3LBI which was not
part of the original plan but became a possibility when Jim advised he
would go portable to Delaware – all we both had to do was find locations
with good take-offs at both ends and in my case have a viable system
after the tripod collapse.

I look forward now to two days rest.

Thanks to everyone who made this a memorable trip.

73 rex VK7MO