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First moonpass at Cyprus

Datum: 11. 9. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

First moonpass at Cyprus
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Přesně podle plánu včera vyjela expedice 5B/PE1L.
Detaily z prvního dne v pokračování. Zajímavé obrázky jako vždy na jejich webu. Navíc se všichni musíme naučit nový název, hoši se rozhodli přejmenovat svůj tým na SPAteam (SP-PA a H20). (Z moon-netu)
Blahopřeji Ivanovi OK1IL a Jardovi OK1RD, kterým se povedlo QSO v první den expedice. Samozřejmě i ostatním, které jsem v logu nehledal.

Yesterday we woke up early and started unpacking the suitcases and
buidling the antennas at the roof. At 0930 it was already 28 degrees
celcius in the shade so we had to take a break every now and then.

After our first decent meal in Cyprus ( yes we can confirm that Chris
SP4K not only operates but is a good cook too ) we went to the roof to
enjoy how the moon rose over the hill so we could adjust the antenna
At the radio we found huge noise until around 10 degrees of elevation.
As soon as noise dissapeared we started smooth operation ending with
133 qso's. The highlights were HS0, XE, CX, 4X.

Our operating arrangement was to change operator after every 10 qso's
just to keep ourselves focused and deliver the best performance
possible to suit your new DXCC or square needs. This seem to work out
very well but in the hot environment we ended up drinking a lot of
water with or without bubbles. Considering such a good result of the
first night we decided to call ourselves the SPAteam (SP-PA and H20).

Next 144MHz operation will start at moonrise (11 september) from 18:30
till 23:30 UTC.
We start again around 02:30 till our moonset at 06:30 UTC.

Look at our website for log and pictures

73's from the SPAteam, Johan, Chris and Rene