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Galileo interference

Datum: 13. 2. 2017 (Od:OK1DFC)

Galileo interference

Barry VE4MA posílá upozornění na rušení od navigačního systému Galileo, které objevil v pásmu 1296 MHz.



GA Guys,
I thought I would pass this on since you have both speculated or commented on possible interference from the Galileo satellite system. It does appear to be present.  I am in Arizona USA now and have noticed a couple of times where a signal will come drifting through the frequency…once on 1296.060 and today on 1296.100. The carrier was very clean and smoothly moving slowly across the frequency.  Today I captured a screen picture of the carrier trace…its was stronger than that …when I pointed the terrestrial antenna more closely.  There appears to be multiple carriers about 12 kHz apart so not a big problem for interference potential, however with an  EME antenna pointed at it , maybe the potential for overload is there?? See the link below for more information on the satellite system

Barry VE4MA/W7 DM43