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28th EME & Microwave seminar – Hotel Horník – Tři Studně 5th – 7th April 2019  CZ   EN  version

I4XCC Memorial Award

  • Na počest Claudia I4XCC (SK 25.11.2015) se vedení Marconi Memorial contestu rozhodlo udělovat I4XCC Memorial Award stanici v Single kategorii, která dosáhne nejdelší DX QSO v průběhu závodu Marconi Memorial Contest. Za ročník 2015 byl tento diplom udělen stanici G4ZTR. (Díky za info Petře OK2ULQ)

I4XCC Memorial Award

As many of you already know, last November 25th Claudio Maracci I4XCC is SK.
Claudio died after an heart attack, around the 10 PM.
He was suffering from a cardiac amyloidosis caused by multiple myeloma, a disease that was diagnosed at  the beginning of August.

Claudio was active on 2m since the 70s, very good operator, and amazing morse operator, also he made the very first QSO on Aurora from Italy on this band, and let’s not forget his activities via ES-TR-MS-AU and also EME.

He was also very active in contest activities, as Multi-operator in Monte Fumaiolo team (I4KLY) where he broke record after record, and later he devoted himself mainly to activity as a single operator from his QTH near Rimini, with his 4×17 el. F9FT and he was victorious in Europe for the Marconi Memorial Contest in both 1994 and 1996.

Marconi Memorial Contest Committee decided to create an I4XCC Memorial Award for 2015 for the Single Operator that made the best DX during the contest, if there are two stations with the same qrb the winner is the one that achieved the best score.

John G4ZTR wins the award in memory of I4XCC for this year.

Tnx to all participants.

73 de Alex IV3KKW
On behalf of MMC Committee

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