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Datum: 26. 11. 2015 (Od:OK1AXH)
  • Matěj OK1TEH zveřejnil na stránkách OK2KKW a na Moon konferenci velmi smutnou zprávu.
    Claudio I4XCC včera zemřel. Pro všechny OK tropo dvoumetráře byl snad první italskou stanicí se kterou udělali QSO. Také na 10 GHz RS byl jako průkopník vždy dostupný.
    R.I.P. Claudio
Hi all,

I've just got terrible shocking message from Roberto, IK2OFO,

that well known Claudio I4XCC became Silent Key yesterday.

Funeral will be held on 28th November.

Claudio was very good friend of mine although we've never

met personally. He was very active in SSB and CW on 2m

since 1974, well known to whole VHF DX community and

since 2003 he stared to be very active on 10 GHz. Most

of stations in Middle Europe are remembering to his strong

signal via Rainscatter. I'd say that he was one of the most

known 3cm station ever.

I remember to our first QSO on 10 GHz on 18th June 2006 

(QRB 705km). At that time I used only indoor 15dB horn antenna

and about 3W at output of waveguide. We were both amazed

that such a QSO is possible with such a small equipment and since

then we had 30x RS QSOs + more 3cm contacts under my

club OK2KKW/OK2A. It was always fun because Claudio

was excellent CW operator so we were able to have short QRQ

talking in CW. I must also remember to his 3cm expedition into

San Marino T7 during Summer 2010. Thank to him I was able to

work T70A on 3cm QRB 707km with my small horn antenna,

truly amazing.

It was really shocking to read from IK2OFO that he passed us yesterday

only in age of 60.. Claudio was very unselfish, friendly, extraordinary

man, who will be very, very missed. 

RIP Claudio dear friend..

Matej, OK1TEH