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Info od G4NNS/p

Datum: 30. 6. 2017 (Od:OK1DFC)

Info od G4NNS/p



Brian G4NNS poslal ještě informaci, obrázky, MP3 soubor a poděkování ke čtvrtečnímu spojení. TNX info Brian G4NNS !!!

Hello Zdenek, Vlada and the team
Thank you for standing by for our tests from Goonhilly.  We had some problems on 3.4GHz which had worked well before but Mr Murphy was busy.  Then we changed to 5.7GHz and the LO didn’t lock.  I may have selected the wrong reference frequency :-(.  We removed the reference and it ran OK unlocked. We were at Goonhilly to do something for TV, see picture, and were very busy. But we hope to get some time on this antenna for normal EME on 3.4 and 5.7GHz. I will tell you the date when I know it for certain.  I attach a recording of our echoes + HB9Q  on 3.4GHz from our visit on 5th / 6th June. All is “off the moon”.
Vy 73 and mni tnx
Na nahrávce nejprve slyšíte vlastní odraz konce volačky G4NNS/P a potom signál od Dana HB9Q –10m dish a 100W – potvrzujícího QSO.

Na obrázku QSO 6cm pro TV je vlevo čelem Brian G4NNS