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Kalimera from Cyprus

Datum: 12. 9. 2014 (Od:OK1AXH)

Kalimera from Cyprus
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Další zpráva od 5B/PE1L: (z Moon-netu)

In the last moonpass we made qso with 92 stations for a total 225 inits. Some highlight where the CW qso's with OZ1HNE and SP7DCS, LU7FA, ZL3NW and OK1TEH, its always a big chalange to get Matej in the log.
Other then that is was a normal day, we did setup 23 cm antenna at the roof and we inspected the pool.
We cant tell you much more about the country as we doing radio all the time and after that we have to eat and sleep, the last thing is hard in daytime with this temperature.
We are preparing a little surprise one of the next days, stay tuned
Chris, Johan and Rene

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