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KP2/W3XS aktualizace

  • Peter G3LTF zveřejnil na Moon-netu aktualizaci pro expedici na Panenské ostrovy KP2/W3XS od 16. do 19. dubna 2015.

On Apr 11, 2015 4:52 PM, „alkatz“ <> wrote:

Hi guys,
Here is the sked info:
KP2/W3XS FK88 Skeds

All sked will be on 1296.080 (unless QRM). We will TX first and listen on our echo frequency. All skeds on JT65C unless noted. As soon as we finish a sked, we will start to look for random QSOs. If we copy nil for 10 minutes, we will start looking for random QSOs. If a QSO is in progress at the start of the sked, we will try to complete it ASAP and then start the sked. We are happy to take CW skeds. We will respond to CW using JT CW mode with 1 minute sequences in 1st period.

Thursday, moonrise about 0830, moonset about 2030. No skeds – we will be setting up and testing. If we become QRV, we will post on HB9Q Reflector.

Friday, moonrise about 0900, moonset about 2130. 0915 HB9Q, 1000 OK1DFC, 1015 OK1DFC CW, 1300 G4RGK, 1300 I1NDP, 1315 I1NDP CW, 1400 K2UYH, 1430 W5LUA, 1500 WA6PY CW, 1530 TI2AEB, 1730 KL6WU. There are no sked requests from JA/VK. We will focus on working to the far west at about 1830.

Saturday, moonrise about 1000, moonset about 2330. 1200 RA3AUB, 1300 G4RGK BU, 1500 K2UYH BU, 1530 WA6PY CW BU, 1600 PA2DW, 1630 TI2AEB BU. There are no sked requests from JA/VK. We will focus on working to the far west at about 1930.

If you need anything changed, let me know. Hopefully we will be HB9Q reflector.

73, Al – K2UYH

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